2022 e-commerce Trends You Don't Want to Miss

With a pandemic and a world grappling with supply chain disruptions, consumers needs and demands have drastically changed in the last few years. 79% of the American population is now shopping online for their goods and that number is expected to continue to climb. , businesses will need to adapt and become efficient with their e-commerce fulfillment plans. What do e-commerce shops need to know to set themselves up for success? 

Besides a preference for online shopping, consumers have also changed demands when it comes to shipping and delivery, costs, and brand loyalty. Learn from Integrations Expert Val Smith and Director of Business Development Kevin Ahrens about the biggest trends in 2022 for e-commerce from the 3pl perspective and how businesses can adapt to those trends.  


  • What are the biggest shifts we expect to see from consumers in 2022 
  • How mobile commerce will play into the world of eCommerce 
  • How to offset the rising supply chain costs
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Val Smith Product Manager, Integrations
Kevin Ahrens Director of Business Development


LEARIE HERCULES Chief Technology Officer

Learie aka “Herc has vast experience with next-gen technologies and automation. He has worked with multiple wireless technologies, IoT and cloud platforms with a focus on Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning, for some of the largest wireless carriers and Smart Cities in the world. 

LORI JONES Chief Revenue Officer

Lori has more than 20 years of sales and supply chain experience, most spent leading teams, and strategic relationships. She builds and develops impactful revenue teams focused on creating an environment where both company and client come out ahead. Most recently, she led national sales team for logistics SaaS company.