Smart Warehousing would like to share with you an innovative feature within SWIMS to help you utilize visibility in your day-to-day business.

The In-Process Report is an extremely valuable tool that provides real-time status updates on all your orders and receipts at the touch of a button!

The report displays what orders are scheduled to go out today, as well as what orders are shipping in the future. It can also be used for exceptions management, letting you know if a scheduled order didn’t pick up the day before and why.

Need to check on a large order that must meet a customer delivery date? Check the notes in the In-Process Report to make sure that everything is on track!

Smart Warehousing In-Process Reporting Status Update

Cut down on the back and forth email traffic by using the In-Process Report to get status updates throughout the day!

To access the In-Process Report:

1.) Log in to your SWIMS account –

2.) On the left menu, scroll down to the reporting buttons and select "In Process Report"

3.) Filter based on orders and receipts

Smart Warehousing’s development team continues to focus on providing cutting edge tools that bring the supply chain to life. Technology will always to be a cornerstone of Smart Warehousing and their operations. Smart believes in enabling both their clients and personnel with technology to provide an industry leading experience you won’t find anywhere else.

If you have any questions about the In-Process Report or need a SWIMS account ID, please contact your account manager. Don’t currently utilize Smart Warehousing for your warehousing and fulfillment needs? Please reach out to us at (913) 888-3222 for information on how Smart can customize your experience and keep you competitive.