It’s no secret that eCommerce is a market trend that's only getting bigger. In 2018, 10% of all retail goods were bought online. In 2020, only two years later, that number jumped to almost 50%. With that said, about 14.5% of all retail spending will be via eCommerce this year and they’re projecting that by 2024 that number will grow to almost 21%. When you’re talking about the level of retail goods processed in the United States, that tremendous of an increase is staggering. One of the most surprising numbers is that 10% of all groceries this year will be bought online.

As the market continues to grow, we know that our customers are going to need more two-day cold chain fulfillment. The growth of a multi-market network is critical. In response, we have introduced Reno, Nevada to our existing network of frozen fulfillment warehouses. Our other facilities are located in Kansas and Philadelphia. This provides our customers with an incredible 98.6% two-day cold chain fulfillment coverage across the United States. In turn, less dry ice is needed when transporting your product, saving you money and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Smart Warehousing is working diligently to stay ahead of new market trends and providing your business with industry leading service. Interested in learning more about our cold chain fulfillment capabilities and what we have been doing to adapt to changing market trends? Reach out to Kevin Ahrens today at, or schedule some time on his calendar here.