Optimizing Your Cold Chain

With more consumers signing up for food box subscriptions or ordering their meat and produce online, businesses are feeling the pressure to optimize their cold chain to be able to meet the demands. With its temperature requirements and costly packaging, cold chain presents unique obstacles that may hamper a business's efficiency. By learning the best practices for cold chain, businesses can save money and increase customer satisfaction.

 Hear from Keaton Dorman, Director of Retail at Jack Stack BBQ and Jake Self, Vice President of Operations at Smart Warehousing, as they discuss how to solve common cold chain issues.


  • Overview of the current market for Cold Chain and what the future looks like

  • What obstacles are businesses in the industry currently facing

  • Listen to real-life examples of the best ways to optimize your cold chain from Jack Stack’s Director of Retail, Keaton Dorman

  • How can businesses utilize a 3PL for their cold chain

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