move out policy

1.     Once written notice of termination of a Warehousing Agreement is received, Depositor shall have seven (7) business days to ship any remaining customer orders and place the final move out order through SWIMS (“Final Order”).  

2.     Smart Warehousing LLC (“SW”) shall have thirty (30) days from Final Order to prepare the Goods for pick-up.  Expedited pick-up shall be charged at a special handling rate.  Please contact SW to inquire as to the potential for a faster move out and costs associated therewith.  

3.     Upon receipt of Final Order, SW shall provide Depositor with an invoice of outstanding balance and final move out costs to be paid by Depositor to SW (“Final Bill”).  

4.     Per the terms and conditions of the Warehousing Agreement, Goods will not be released until Depositor’s pays the Final Bill (“Final Payment”).  Final Payment shall be paid via ACH or wire.  

5.     Upon Final Payment, Depositor shall be able to schedule pick up and Goods will be released. 



Last Revised: November 9, 2022