Openair Outfitters

Case Study


A CPG company that specializes in hunting accessories and outdoor apparel wanted to improve its fulfillment process during peak season in order to free up more time for business development initiatives and ultimately improve sales. The national e-commerce company partnered with Smart Warehousing to offload fulfillment and cut costs associated with competing 3PLs.

The Challenge

The company traditionally processed, fulfilled, and shipped all orders manually. During peak season when orders were 10x the average month, the manual fulfillment process required 80% of the business owner’s time that could be spent growing the business through marketing, data analysis, and supplier vetting. Additionally, competing 3PLs required the company to jump through additional hoops that increased costs and decreased efficiency. Could Smart Warehousing take the fulfillment process off their plate and help them increase YoY revenue while decreasing costs?

The Solution

Smart Warehousing’s national fulfillment solutions allowed the company to outsource order fulfillment while gaining real-time insight into order status and inventory management. With 85% of the company’s revenue coming during peak season (September-November), Smart Warehousing took over fulfillment of all orders from a strategically located regional warehouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that allowed for 2-day delivery during the busiest time of the year. Here’s how it happened:

  • Utilizing SWIMS — Smart Warehousing’s cutting-edge inventory management system — and its integration capabilities with multiple e-commerce platforms including WooCommerce and Amazon, Smart Warehousing automated the fulfillment process and provided necessary data and reporting during the company’s busiest season
  • Smart Warehousing acted as an invisible third party after the order was placed to pick, pack, and ship the order to meet 2-day delivery standards throughout the Southeast and Midwest

The Success

With Smart Warehousing handling all order fulfillment requirements, the business owner freed up 80% of his time, ultimately resulting in a 20% increase in sales from 2019 to 2020. Rather than forcing the company to deliver individual cases of products in clear polybags as other 3PLs required, Smart Warehousing received palettes of the products in bulk to further decrease costs by $7,500 annually. With more time to vet suppliers and improve marketing efforts and efficiency, the business ultimately decreased costs by 10% while achieving never-before-seen sales numbers.



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