Smart Warehousing

Smart Warehousing has become an industry leading warehousing, fulfillment, and logistical solutions company strategically headquartered in the center of the US in Edgerton, KS. We continue to grow with current and new clients by focusing on creating exceptional customer value. We strive to do this each day by demonstrating our commitment to accuracy and innovation.

Logistics Park Kansas City Intermodal Facility


Smart Warehousing’s journey began in 2001 with the initial investment in the development of SWIMS (SMART WAREHOUSING INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) our proprietary, cloud-based inventory management system. SWIMS was created specifically for the warehousing and supply chain management industry. Our own software development team continuously upgrades SWIMS to meet the needs of this ever-changing environment. Now we are introducing a visual platform called BUBBLES… which we are proud to say is “Bringing the Supply Chain to Life.”


Focus on Your Business

Smart Warehousing simplifies the way you and your clients do business. By offering new technologies and services, you can focus on core business activities while we handle the details. We ensure that orders are filled so that your inventories stay accurate and you stay connected.

Smart Warehousing becomes the solution. We have developed simple and dependable systems to give our clients ultimate control. Our flexible warehousing adds value by reducing seasonal challenges, and our Web-based management systems are designed to keep all parties informed.