Smart Warehousing May 1, 2021 12:38:00 PM 2 min read

More Than Just a Place to Put a Box

At Smart Warehousing, we leverage our people, our buildings and our systems to deliver our promise to customers. Customers who rely on fulfillment and warehousing for the health and growth of their entire business.

These days there is a lot of “buzz” about warehousing on demand and the “Airbnb model” for warehouses and fulfillment. But there’s also a lot of push back and splash back against this trend, as the real challenges of this model have become all too clear.

ShipBob and Flexe are two examples of this recent fad. But when the warehouses are virtual and the people are virtual, the results are likely to be disappointing for many fulfillment programs that have complex requirements.

Today we’ll survey some of the top reasons that Smart Warehousing provides our customers with way more than just a place to put a box. And in future blogs, we’ll double-click on each of these reasons as well.

Standard size boxes might be ok for warehousing on demand, but big and bulky packages create challenges or can’t be handled properly at all. Smart Warehousing has the systems and expertise to fulfill unusual and awkward sizes cost-effectively. The same applies for complex kitting and pick/pack operations. And if the goods require refrigeration, require a temperature-controlled supply chain (cold chain) - Smart has the expertise that makes all the difference.

One of the hottest topics we hear about from customers lately is the need for efficient shipping and fulfillment to multiple channels of distribution. With the need to adhere to varying retail compliance requirements across these channels, our 3PL sophistication is a perfect fit for multi-channel programs. This extends even to lot control and serialization and managing returns.

Whether you’re focused on Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime or other eCommerce channels, your branding goals are important to Smart. We can make it possible for on-box and in-box branding to arrive to customers along with your goods. And if you need kitting for a coupon or flyer our team is already set up to execute on that.

When our customers’ requirements are most challenging is when our warehouse managers and systems shine.

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