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Smart WarehousingJan 19, 2022 4:57:49 PM5 min read

8 Benefits of Smart Replenishment

What is Smart Replenishment?


The Smart Replenishment program enables retail and e-commerce brands to scale without needing to manage the logistics hassle and letting the Smart team handle your inventory distribution across our network. Brands simply ship their product to the closest Smart facility (of the 38+ in the Smart Network) and we’ll handle it from there. Smart uses industry leading software to place products closest to the customer.
Smart Replenishment

By letting Smart handle all the details, business owners can save time and money. On average, Smart Replenishment customers are seeing a savings of 20%.
In this blog, we’ll dive into the main 8 benefits.


Get to Last Mile Delivery

Consumers are demanding quicker delivery than ever. To compete, products need to be close to the end user. Smart Replenishment ensures you are getting products closest to the customer as Smart has a warehouse in everyone’s backyard. Consumers want products faster than ever before. As Last Mile Delivery becomes standard practice, Smart Replenishment optimized an entire network to ensure proximity.


Empower your brand

Smart Replenishment allows you to protect and grow your brand. Other fulfillment companies require that you use their own branded boxes, making it difficult to differentiate your company from theirs. With Smart, we help strengthen the relationship between you and your customers. Whether you have custom tape, packaging, or any other wishes, we can make sure your products arrive with the exact look you want your consumers to see. Looking to scale your brand? Smart Replenishment makes scaling a piece of cake with nationwide locations that all run seamlessly, adhering to your brand guidelines.

Offer Free Shipping

The biggest reason for shopping cart abandonment is not offering free shipping. A Report by the National Retail Federation (NRF) found that 75 percent of consumers surveyed expect delivery to be free even on orders under $50. Smart Replenishment enables you to offer free shipping because you’ll be reaping the benefits of transportation saving by taking advantage of zone skipping. How? It’s simple, with Smart Replenishment your product is always within just a couple of zones from the end user. Therefore, you can avoid paying the national freight rate and only pay the regional cost at the local destination of delivery. Smart also has some of the best dim factors. If you ship on Smart’s account, you can take advantage of those and other transportation discounts. Don’t want to ship on our account? No problem. We customize to your needs. Don’t forget the shipping savings also come to play with returns. Returns will simply go to the closest warehouse, too.


Reduce damages

Every touch is a potential damage. In an e-commerce setting, products can be manually handled 20 times or more. This increased handling means that the average e-commerce package is now dropped 17 times. With Smart replenishment, your product won’t be in and out of the less than truck load worlds. Without this program, your product goes to break bulk and freight hubs with a high number of touches from a lot of different players. When you have less touches and the team that does handle your product is either a Smart team or a strategic Smart carrier partner, you can rest assured that the staff is qualified and cares, ensuring fewer damages and less shrinkage. With over 20 years of experience, Smart Warehousing has handled products big and small and makes the extra effort to ensure your products are treated with care and are delivered to your customers in pristine condition. By overseeing the movement and shipment of your product through Smart Replenishment, Smart can ensure your products are kept safe.


Reduce capacity issues

Make use of a nationwide network where you’ll likely always find capacity for your product. According to Lee & Associates, the vacancy rate is now down to 4% and likely to drop below 2% in 2022. We expect to see 5-7 million in absorption in 2022 which equates to 2-2.5% drop in vacancy. In addition to our warehouse network of over 12 million square feet, the program also requires less inventory. Our industry leading Smart Software provides data to make sure you know what amount of inventory is needed in our network so you can run leaner on your inventory minimums. With warehouses located across the country, you don’t have to worry about if you send us too much product; we can distribute the product across our network making sure it’s closest to your customers.


Focus on your core business

Spend less time managing logistics and operations and focus more time on your core business. Smart Warehousing’s 20+ year experience ensures you have experts handling your inventory.

With Smart Warehousing handling all order fulfillment requirements, Open Air Outfitters freed up 80% of their time handling mis-ships, ultimately resulting in a 20% increase in sales from 2019 to 2020. Let us take care of the small stuff so you can work on growing your business and reaching new customers. With Smart Replenishment, you have a back-of-the-house partner that will help remove the headache of managing and distributing inventory, giving you FTE saving and allowing you the opportunity to scale your business.



Keep Visibility and Control of Your Product

While Smart handles all your inventory placement, you’ll still be in the know. Smart’s industry leading software gives you full visibility of your inventory. Get access to real-time data showing you how many orders have been fulfilled and how many future orders you have. Find out your inventory levels at any moment, taking the guesswork out of inventory management. With the Smart Replenishment program, you can see your total inventory across all warehouses along with seeing the inventory at each individual warehouse. You can also take advantage of over 170 seamless integrations to optimize your entire data flow. With the ability to integrate with most systems, Smart can make sure data flows between both you and Smart Warehousing seamlessly, allowing for quicker order fulfillment and better reporting for you.

Improve your Margin

Avoid retail and marketing fees by moving your inventory to Smart Replenishment. Rather than paying giant retailers the bulk of your margin, you can keep it for yourself. You also don’t have to worry about collection delays and chargebacks. By using the Smart Replenishment program, you have an invisible partner. Set your own prices and keep the profit by switching to Smart. 


Learn more

Want to learn more about Smart Replenishment? Curious to see what ROI you can expect? Let us calculate this for you and provide a no-obligation estimate. Contact us today.