Smart Warehousing Dec 1, 2020 12:24:00 PM 2 min read

How to Survive Peak Season in a Pandemic

Does any of this sound familiar: late and incorrect order shipments, higher and still rising shipping costs, and never-ending chargebacks? As critical as peak season holiday shopping is for retailers, it undoubtedly brings many challenges along with it. If that wasn’t enough, the global pandemic has radically reshaped the retail landscape creating unique challenges for businesses of all scales.

Luckily, our team at Smart Warehousing is prepared for any unforeseen end of year obstacle that 2020 has in store for us. Over the past year we have added an additional 2.4 million square feet of warehouse and fulfillment space, bringing our network total beyond 10 million to ensure on-time shipping of your products regardless of order volume.

With the continued growth of online shopping, the need for cost effective and timely small parcel shipping is growing exponentially, resulting in increased shipping rates. At Smart Warehousing we ship through almost all service channels, including Ground and Air, with only one to two-day delivery. Our dedicated experts are also available to help answer your questions so you don't have to try and navigate this complex industry on your own. We even offer deep discounts to our transportation customers, saving you both time and money on flexible transportation solutions you can trust with your peak season shipping.

Smart Warehousing has your solution to take on the holiday rush without worry. We understand that our customers require right sized, but scalable, logistics solutions in order to flex with their customer demands both by volume and geography. Smart’s next generation platform enables live, real-time interaction with each order, each warehouse, and your assigned service representative allowing for the most effective information flow offered in the industry today. This means avoiding embarrassment and loss of business, while gaining control of your inventory and company when it matters the most.

Overall, Smart Warehousing will take better care of you and your business by providing uncompromising service, inventory control, reduced chargebacks and on-time deliveries. In addition, our rates remain the same all year long, even during peak holiday periods. To learn more, reach out to Kevin Ahrens at, or schedule some time on his calendar here.

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