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Explore Amazon alternatives for your ecommerce business, and ensure a smooth transition with Smart Warehousing's 3PL services today!
Smart WarehousingAug 25, 2023 4:41:00 PM4 min read

Our Five Recommended Amazon Alternatives

When was the last time you purchased something on Amazon? If you’re like most people, it was probably very recently. Many ecommerce companies today know this, which is why they often conduct their business on Amazon. Being an Amazon FBA or FBM seller can provide a variety of benefits, including access to countless potential customers thanks to the site’s juggernaut reach. 

However, using Amazon as an ecommerce platform has its challenges, such as its various fees that can be complicated in structure and change regularly. Consequently, small businesses find themselves seeking alternative ecommerce platforms in pursuit of better options. Are there any beneficial Amazon alternatives out there? Believe it or not, the answer is yes.


A Few Tips as You Begin Exploring Amazon Alternatives

There are, in fact, several other Amazon alternatives in the current ecommerce marketplace, and many provide your company with unique advantages. However, as you start exploring your options, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Make sure you factor in usability into the Amazon alternatives you’re considering. After all, you want to offer an easy user experience for your online customers. 

Also, consider your target audience and make sure your Amazon alternative caters to them. The last thing you want is to sell on a site none of your customers would consider utilizing. Platform accountability is important as well, so thoroughly review the terms of use for each alternative to understand their support options, fee structure, security features, and overall transparency. 

With that said, here are our recommendations for Amazon alternatives:


Five Amazon Alternatives for Today’s Ecommerce Business


Amazon Alternative #1 - Etsy

Etsy is a well-known marketplace for artisans and boutique shops, which can make it an ideal Amazon alternative for many ecommerce companies trying to reach customers looking for more unique items. It’s free to join Etsy, but the site requires a small listing fee and will also take a percentage commission on everything you sell. An easy platform to utilize, Etsy works best for sellers who offer strong customer service and affordable shipping.


Amazon Alternative #2 - Walmart Marketplace

As a mega-retailer worldwide, Walmart is also making major headway into ecommerce with its rapidly growing Walmart Marketplace. This Amazon alternative is already gaining a major customer following for its diverse product offerings. The platform is free to use and doesn’t charge monthly fees, only requiring a percentage seller fee, making its fee structure much easier than Amazon. It also rivals Amazon in offering two-day shipping, easily appealing to your customer base. 


Amazon Alternative #3 - eBay

Long-running ecommerce platform eBay is no longer just a place for people to auction off their collectibles. Over the years, eBay has shifted to a popular product-based online shopping marketplace, making it a viable Amazon alternative. With its wide customer base and extensive product categories, it can be a good option for companies wanting to reach a larger audience. Plus, it gives you flexibility in offering products at a fixed price or through an auction.


Amazon Alternative #4 - Facebook Shops

If you’ve built up a strong following online or have digitally savvy customers, selling directly through social media platforms can be an excellent Amazon alternative. Facebook Shops is perhaps your best option, as it allows you to sell products directly on Facebook and Instagram, marketing to a vast audience. It’s easy to set up your Facebook or Instagram store, which you can do for free, and the platform’s commissions are fairly low.


Amazon Alternative #5 - Your Own Ecommerce Site

When you think about creating your own ecommerce website to sell your products, you may feel intimidated or think it’ll require too much work. Yet with the rise in popular ecommerce website builders like Shopify Plus and WooCommerce, it’s now easier than ever. And if your company values customization and greater control over your ecommerce channels, utilizing your own online store to reach your customers may be your best Amazon alternative. While getting this up and running can be a significant investment, your business can look forward to full autonomy in the future.


Maximize Your Amazon Alternatives with Smart Warehousing

With these alternative ecommerce platforms, you can have a thriving online business without being dependent on Amazon. Yet with so many sellers utilizing Amazon’s FBA service, you need to partner with a strong third-party logistics provider (3PL) to ensure a smooth logistics transition when you make the switch to your Amazon alternative. Working with an experienced 3PL will give you the shipping power your customers expect when ordering online. 

At Smart Warehousing, we offer comprehensive 3PL services from fulfillment and warehousing to transportation and replenishment. And with our inventory management technology, we can integrate seamlessly with the Amazon alternative platform you choose. That means peace of mind awaits knowing you can meet consumer demand throughout your entire supply chain. To learn more, contact us today